Be prepared for any emergency

Instantly connect you and your loved ones to our elite Armed and Medical response teams, for FAST emergency assistance when it’s needed most.

Monthly Subscription: Special discount thru HALO only R59 (normaly R89/month)
Once-off device fee:  R1299 not R1499

Fast response time by connecting you to the closest response vehicle available
Track the response vehicle live on your phone
Adding loved ones to your circle to receive notifications in case of an emergency
Easy to use and value for money
Smart GPS technology that provides accurate and real time location
Use both GPS and Wi-Fi sniffer to determine location
Battery has a 2-year lifespan and does not need to be charged
Device uses radio frequency for fast signal transmission
Panic button works independently from phone
Panic button sends a heartbeat every 24 hours to indicate status and battery level

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Fast emergency response when you need it most 

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